15 March – Brutus Day


Brutus Day - Elizabeth Place

Why dedicate a holiday to this most heinous of individuals? This slayer of Kings and betrayer of friends? Why, my good people, because Brutus Day reminds us that even in this modern age, betrayal, subterfuge, and (metaphorical at least) back-stabbing is still alive and well.

Is such a day worthy of celebration? It only stands to cast yet more light on the dark seedy underbelly of politics. But perhaps it also prompts us to ruminate on the great game politicians play, the pull and tug of politics, the conflicts of loyalties and priorities, and the need to give and take on issues that may at turns enrage and exalt their constituents. Sometimes the road to the ends they promise isn’t a straight one, but twists and curves along a moral road.

(Source: daysoftheyear.com)