17 April – Haiku Day


Haiku Day - Elizabeth Place

It’s not so simple
As writing five-seven-five
But we think it is

If there’s one thing that we remember from High School, it’s the day that we were introduced to the great Japanese art-form that is Haiku. While it may have an ancient and noble history, it is likely at it’s most ignoble when a group of young kids try to cobble together Haiku in series of five-seven-five. Haiku Day reminds us that there is so much more to this style of poetry than a misspent week in our literature courses!

Get out your pen, wander in nature, and wait for something to inspire you! Haiku Poetry is about beauty captured in short simple stanzas. With its relatively simple style, anyone can write Haiku poetry, but it takes a true master to capture the heart and mind in the space of 17 syllables.

Haiku Poetry Day is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow, and really begin to appreciate the complexities of life refined down to simplicity. Who knows? You could become the next Haiku Master!

(Source: daysoftheyear.com)