14 December – Lost and Found Day


Lost and Found Day - Elizabeth Place

Throughout recorded history, humans have been losing personal items and finding others, and the emotions accompanying these events have ranged from despair to joy. So it should come as no immense shock that Lost and Found Day has been invented, in order to acknowledge the impact these situations have had on our lives.

In essence, Lost and Found Day has been set aside to encourage us to return any items that we may have found during the past year to the people who have lost them and who may be extremely worried. Likewise, it is also a great occasion to try to find any personal belongings which we have lost and put an end to the frustration of having to go without something we need.

Taking your couch apart is a good place to start looking for whatever it is that’s gone missing, and chances are you’ll find a few other things you’ve long since forgotten you had in there as well. If you are lucky enough to not be missing anything, you could celebrate Lost and Found Day by finally getting around to looking for the owner of something you’ve found, like that lovely sweater on the back of a restaurant chair, or those keys that were lying on the pavement near your building. You might just make someone who’s almost lost all hope’s day!

(Source: daysoftheyear.com)