17 March – St Patrick’s Day


St Patrick's Day - Elizabeth Place

Today is St Patrick’s Day!

People have been celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Patrick for over a thousand years.

Saint Patrick was born and raised in Roman Britain during the fifth century. At the age of sixteen he was captured and sold as a slave to an Irish sheep farmer, but he eventually managed to escape and he spent several years in a monastery before returning to Ireland as a Christian missionary. Today he is hailed as the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland.

Over the years, St Patrick’s Day has evolved from a religious observance to a worldwide celebration of Irish culture. In Ireland, men wear shamrocks on their jackets and caps and women wear green ribbons in their hair. 

Whether you have Irish ancestors or just love a good limerick, wear something green or attend a parade to celebrate this famous Irish holiday! 

(Source: punchbowl.com)