10 Party Ideas


www.eventbrite.com  has a fabulous list of year-end party themes. These are our favourites!

#1 Savannah Soiree

“The Lion King” is trending! Eventbrite’s decor suggestions include animal prints and tons of foliage. And we just LOVE the idea of adding a twist to a traditional masquerade ball with animal-inspired masks.

#2 Nautical, But Nice

No lewd sailors. No dirty old pirates. Eventbrite asks us to imagine the French Riviera, crisp white, and navy blue. A sophisticated cruise. The perfect excuse for summer cocktails!

#3 Circus Gala

Dress up! Roll up! It time for a high-class circus, complete with live performances and side shows. An extravaganza!

#4 Ready Player One

Invite guests to dress as their favourite game character (past or present); and set up a few retro arcade games for some extra fun.

#5 Candy Crush

It’s bright! It’s colourful! It’s an excuse for sweet treats!

#6 Victorian-Era Gothic

Elegant and spooky. Candles, candelabras, skulls, taxidermy, black flowers, old frames and furniture. Your guests could even dress up as Victorian ghosts.

#7 Time Travellers’ Ball

Your time-travelling guests can dress as any historical figure from any year. Ancient Egypt, pop icons, even the future … the possibilities are endless.

#8 Bubbles and Bowties

Dress Code: Formal. On the menu: Champagne, Prosecco, Sparkling Wine …. A sophisticated (and decadent) affair.

#9 Zombie Apocalypse

“The Walking Dead” has given us plenty of decor ideas for this theme. We’re thinking … a game of Humans vs Zombies?

#10 Heroes and Villains

Comic books, children’s stories, literature throughout time: these have given us heroes (we love to love) and villains (we love to hate). Here’s a way to get them all into the same room!