31 March – Crayon Day

Crayon Day - Elizabeth Place
  Every March 31st children and adults alike open up a box of crayons and enjoy colouring.  What a better way to take part in Crayon Day? Wax and chalk based crayons have been used by artists around the world for centuries.  Edwin Binney created the brightly coloured crayons we are familiar with today.  He was part owner of Binney & Smith, a company that produced products such as paint, pigments and slate pencils for schools. In 1903, Binney & Smith created the Crayola Division and produced coloured wax crayons for children for the first time. Then in ...

30 March – Take A Walk In The Park Day

Walk In The Park Day - Elizabeth Place
  Take A Walk In The Park Day is observed annually on March 30th.  After a long busy day, a calming and therapeutic way to relax would be a nice, leisurely walk in the park. Taking a walk at a local park is an excellent way to clear one’s mind from the stresses of the day, re-energise and, at the same time, improve health. So go out for a walk in the park and enjoy nature’s beauty. (Source: nationaldaycalendar.com)

29 March – Smoke And Mirrors Day

Smoke and Mirrors Day - Elizabeth Place
  Deceit! Deception! Celebrate these and all other types of trickery with Smoke And Mirrors Day, the festival dedicated to the art of fraudulent cunning. The phrase “It’s all smoke and mirrors" refers to the way in which magicians use all manner of distraction to make sure the audience fails to see what’s really going on. The more complex the artifice, the more successfully the magician will get away with it.  How best to celebrate this auspicious day? Go back to its roots! Try a bit of magic. There are lots of easy magic tricks that will amaze your ...

28 March – Something On A Stick Day

Something On A Stick Day - Elizabeth Place
  Observed each year on March 28, Something on a Stick Day is a food holiday that lets you use your creative talents. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless.  Foods that comes on a stick are fun and easy to eat. There isn’t much that can’t be put on a stick when talking about food. Soup might be that one exception, though if it were flavourful frozen, we might make an exception. From cool summer treats like the popsicle to frozen food staples like the corn dog, food on a stick is one of the world’s great inventions. Fresh fruit kebabs and ...

27 March – Scribble Day

Scribble Day - Elizabeth Place
  Scribble Day on March 27 inspires children to kindness through art. Each of us starts out as a little colourful, wrinkled up human being with eyes, nose and sometimes a shock of hair. Our personality develops as we go. We’re a bit like a scribble. Children’s scribbles become more than just scribbles when eyes and a smile are added. Somehow a personality leaps onto the page and with it, encouragement for children to grow and express themselves. The positive result looking back at them spreads a surge of joy that is infectious. That’s what’s so wonderful ...

26 March – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - Elizabeth Place
  Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! If you’ve been following our daily Reasons to Celebrate, then you know how many interesting and unique holidays there are in the world. Today is your chance to make one up! To celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, come up with a creative, meaningful, or quirky idea for a holiday. Invite friends and family over tonight for its first annual celebration! (Source: punchbowl.com)

25 March – Old New Year’s Day

Old New Years Day - Elizabeth Place
  It's Old New Year’s Day! Although the Gregorian calendar was created in 1582, many countries chose to ignore it for several hundred years. Instead, they used “Annunciation Style dating” which recognised the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) as New Year’s Day. England didn’t adopt our modern-day Gregorian calendar until 1751. Russia held out until 1918! In fact, people in Russia, Switzerland, Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, and Serbia still celebrate the Old New Year. Plan a grand feast with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. Happy Old New ...

24 March – Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day - Elizabeth Place
  It's Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day! Did you know that these are one of the most popular sweets for movie-goers? People can’t get enough of the delicious fruit and chocolate combination! Culinary historians believe that humans first discovered raisins when they came across grapes drying on a vine. These sundried morsels soon became one of the most popular food sweeteners, second only to honey. Raisins are an excellent source of fibre, potassium, iron, calcium, and certain B vitamins. Add some dark chocolate into the mix and you’ll also get a healthy dose of ...

22 March – World Water Day

World Water Day - Elizabeth Place
  Today is World Water Day! The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the state of sustainable fresh water resources around the world. More than 880 million people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water, and the amount of water we need to drink and to produce food, goods, and services continues to grow. The United Nations General Assembly announced the first World Water Day in 1993. Every year on March 22nd thousands of participants attend the World Water Forum to discuss important issues regarding water sustainability, consumption, ...

21 March – Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day - Elizabeth Place
  Human Rights Day in South Africa is historically linked with 21 March 1960, and the events of Sharpeville. On that day 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police fired on a peaceful crowd that had gathered in protest against the Pass laws. This day marked an affirmation by ordinary people rising in unison to proclaim their rights. It became an iconic date in our country’s history and today we commemorate Human Rights Day as a reminder of our rights and the cost paid for them. (Source: gov.za)