30 November – Mousse Day

  Celebrate Mousse Day! Mousse is a divine dessert made from egg whites and cream. Did you know that “mousse” is the French word for “foam”? It’s a fitting name for this light, fluffy, and decadent confection! Chocolate mousse was a specialty in French restaurants during the 1800s, but now it can be found in restaurants and households worldwide. Popular variations include different kinds of chocolate, nut, and fruit flavours. To celebrate Mousse Day, make your favourite type of mousse for you and your friends! (Source: punchbowl.com)

29 November – Chocolates Day

  Chocolate is not cheating! After a salty meal, you need a little bit of sweet. This is living, not cheating. ~ Ali Landry Chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures, providing hope in the darkness of an otherwise drab culinary experience. Chocolate didn’t find its way into the culinary repertoire of the western world until the Spanish learned of it from the Mayan people of Mesoamerica. From this simple beginning, it has spread throughout the world to be one of the most desired treats of all social and economic classes. Chocolates Day celebrates the ...

28 November – French Toast Day

  It’s French Toast Day! French toast is the perfect way to start or end your day. Although it is typically made with bread, milk and eggs, and then topped with delicious maple syrup, many variations of this classic breakfast can be found around the world. The origin of French toast is unknown, but recipes date back to the sixteenth century in Europe. Prior to the Hundred Years War, French toast was known in England as "poor knight's pudding" because it was a simple and inexpensive dish that a knight with no money could afford. In France, it was called ...

27 November – Biltong Day

  The rest of the world calls it "Jerky Day"; we call it Biltong Day. A day to celebrate all those fantastic biltong recipes that generations of South Africans know and love. We don't have to tell you how to celebrate Biltong Day ... Enjoy every last bite! (Source: daysoftheyear.com)

26 November – Cake Day

  It’s Cake Day! On this day, we celebrate one of the world’s favourite desserts — cake. The cake we know and love today evolved from early leavened breads which were sweetened with honey, fruit, and nuts. Did you know that the word “cake” comes from the Old Norse word “kaka” meaning a baked flour confection? Whether you prefer vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or even the pineapple-upside-down variety, grab a slice of your favourite cake to celebrate this delicious day! Happy Cake Day!   (Source: www.punchbowl.com)

25 November – Parfait Day

  In French, the word parfait means “perfect” and, in English, the term almost exclusively refers to a sort of delicious, frozen dessert. If your idea of perfection involves ice cream, then you’ll have little trouble understanding the connection with the name. And why not have a day devoted to creamy, delicious indulgence? Shouldn’t there be at least one day of the year where you can indulge and celebrate rather than feeling guilty about it? Here's a recipe for a traditional coffee-flavoured French parfait for you to enjoy: Ingredients: 1/2 cup ...

24 November – Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

  "Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." Henry Van Dyke We all have remarkable talents that are unique to us, and there needs to be a time to celebrate those talents not just for the world, but for ourselves. Can you whistle through your nose? How about balancing an apple on your chin? Can you say the alphabet backwards while belching? It doesn’t matter what your special talent is, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is your chance to shine! (Source: www.daysoftheyear.com)

23 November – Day of Listening

  Were there ever people in your life that you wanted to know about but never got the chance to? Day of Listening is all about giving the time for other people to share stories about themselves. Part of our humanity is about stories and being able to understand one another, and this day allows people to do just that. (Source: www.daysoftheyear.com)

22 November – Beaujolais Nouveau Day

  Beaujolais Nouveau is a special variety of wine produced from the delicious jewel-like Gamay grapes grown in the Beaujolais area of France. Such is the popularity of this vintage, that there is something of a competition to get the first bottles released for sale, and they’re always released on the Third Thursday in November. Part of what makes this wine unusual is that under the strict regulations on wine to be found in France, it is able to be sold in the same year in which it was harvested. Such wines are called vin de primeur, and tend towards grapes ...

21 November – Hello Day

  Hello Day may sound extremely basic, as it encourages us to take the opportunity to simply greet people, and to recognise how important simple communication is in our daily lives. Participating in  Hello Day is quite simple: all you have to do is say hello to at least 10 people during that one day. This is supposed to send a message of openness and goodwill to others, and the creators of the holiday hoped this small gesture alone would demonstrate how communication can be instrumental in resolving disputes and preventing conflicts. If you would like ...