30 September – World Rivers Day

  Today is World Rivers Day! Celebrated on the last Sunday in September, today is a way to honour the world’s vast waterways. In over 60 countries, millions of engaged citizens will participate in World Rivers Day. It’s goal is to highlight how valuable rivers are to our world, and to increase the public’s awareness about how they can help. Visit a local river or stream, do your best to conserve water, and help spread the word about today’s importance. (Source: www.punchbowl.com)

29 September – Coffee Day

  Today is Coffee Day! Are you one of the millions who will celebrate? So, where did coffee come from and how did it become so popular? According to legend, a sixth-century Ethiopian goat herd named Kaldi discovered his goats frolicking from one coffee shrub to another. He realised the coffee berries had a stimulating effect, and he began to experiment with the seeds. A century later, brewed coffee emerged in Arabia and the popularity of coffee grew at an exponential rate. Today, over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. It is a world ...

28 September – Drink Beer Day

  Today is Drink Beer Day! Raise a pint and toast to one of the oldest and most popular beverages in human history. There are hundreds of different varieties of beer, but they all fall into one of two categories—ale or lager. Historians believe that humans have been producing beer, or some form it, since the Neolithic Era. The oldest continuously operating brewery in the world is in the Bavaria region of Germany. The Weihenstephan brewery began producing beer in the year 1040. Today, the company exports fourteen different brews all over the world. T...

27 September – Chocolate Milk Day

  Celebrate Chocolate Milk Day! Who doesn't crave a nice, tall glass of frothy chocolate milk? Until the 1820s, drinking chocolate was fairly uncommon and no one knew how to produce a smooth chocolate taste in liquid form. In 1828 the Van Houten company in Amsterdam invented the cocoa pressing method. This produced a light, fluffy chocolate powder that could be easily dissolved in water or milk. Today, chocolate milk is a popular beverage for people of all ages. Chocolate milk has surprising restorative properties. In 2006, the dairy industry conducted a ...

26 September – Love Note Day

  It’s Love Note Day! The practice of writing and sending love letters has a long and illustrious history. Famous romantics like Lord Byron and William Shakespeare penned sonnets and odes, and inspired generations of young lovers to do the same. A love note is any written expression of emotion addressed to a loved one. It can be short or long, formal or casual, poetry or prose. In Germany, love notes are delicately painted by hand on high quality paper and are considered folk art. Love Note Day is the perfect time to recognise the people that you ...

25 September – Comic Book Day

  It's Comic Book Day! These creative and inventive books have been entertaining children and adults alike for more than 200 years! While comic books have quite a storied history, they reached massive popularity in the late 1930s. By the mid 1940s, comic books were outselling traditional books. Thousands of comic book characters have been developed over the years, many of which have inspired numerous television shows and blockbuster movies. To celebrate Comic Book Day, take a few minutes to catch up on your favourite comic or watch a movie based on ...

24 September – Heritage Day

  Happy  Heritage Day, South Africa! We hope you're celebrating in true South African style!

23 September – Spring Equinox

  It's the Spring Equinox! Although South Africa celebrates Spring Day on 1 September; astronomically-speaking,  the season officially begins with the Spring Equinox.  And that's today!

22 September – Elephant Appreciation Day

  It's Elephant Appreciation Day! This holiday was created in 1996 by Mission Media Inc. founder Wayne Hepburn. As the story goes, his daughter gave him a paperweight of elephants on parade as a gift. He became completely fascinated by them, and amassed an enormous collection of elephant books and other paraphernalia. His interest led to the creation of this day, where everyone can take a moment to reflect on these amazing creatures. You may not realize just how unique elephants are! Here are 5 fun facts: 1) African elephants are the largest land ...

21 September – Pecan Cookie Day

  Today is Pecan Cookie Day! Bake a delicious batch of homemade pecan cookies to celebrate. Pecans, a tree nut in the same family as the walnut, are an excellent source of protein, unsaturated fats, and healthy antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol. There are more than 1 000 varieties of pecans in the world. Whether you prefer butter pecan, caramel pecan, or orange pecan, enjoy a delicious treat today in honor of Pecan Cookie Day! (Source: www.punchbowl.com)