11 May – Eat What You Want Day


Eat What You Want Day - Elizabeth Place

It’s Eat What You Want Day! Today is the day to ignore your diet and indulge in the foods you love most.

While junk food is certainly acceptable on Eat What You Want Day, don’t forget to include your favourite meals as well. Perhaps you’d like to recreate Christmas dinner or a childhood classic like mac and cheese?

Did you know that dieting is a relatively new phenomenon? Our ancestors were concerned with getting more carbohydrates and fats into their systems, not less! The first fad diet programmes appeared in during the 19th century and today people are still trying all sorts of crazy things to lose a few pounds.

To celebrate Eat What You Want Day, eat all of your favourite healthy and not-so-healthy foods (in moderation). We hope you enjoy every bite!

(Source: punchbowl.com)