6 February – Frozen Yoghurt Day


Frozen Yoghurt Day - Elizabeth Place

Celebrate Frozen Yogurt Day! Originally, the health-conscious trend of the 1970s spurred the creation of this frozen treat. However, it didn’t gain widespread popularity until the 1980s, when recipes improved to bring us the frozen yogurt we know and love.

Frozen yogurt has come to be eaten almost as much as ice cream, and is served in just as many flavours and varieties. Frozen yogurt is a great source of calcium and potassium, but remember to still enjoy it in moderation.

A healthier alternative to ice cream, frozen yogurt is also slightly more tart.  Eat it plain, or add toppings such as fresh fruit, fruit sauce, nuts, coconut, whipped cream – whatever you like! With a vast variety of flavours, there’s sure to be one out there for you. Happy Frozen Yogurt Day!

(Source: punchbowl.com)