Giving Back

Elizabeth Place and Khayalethu Youth Centre

Dr Marietjie van der Merwe and the boys of Khayalethu Youth Centre


Elizabeth Place has a long and rewarding relationship with Khayalethu Youth Centre, and we devote our corporate responsibility efforts towards supporting this organisation which provides a home for up to 35 formerly homeless young men between the ages of 8 and 18.

More about Khayalethu

Khayalethu Youth Centre provides intervention programmes and alternative care for street children, specifically boys; meeting their basic needs through a holistic and developmental approach with the ultimate  aim of resocialisation and family re-unification.


These are the programmes put in place by Khayalethu’s dedicated staff to serve the needs of the boys there:

Elizabeth Place has huge admiration for the team at Khayalethu who approach their jobs with imagination and care. The following unique aspects of Khayalethu’s approach are worth highlighting:

Khayalethu’s Strong Foundations School

As part of the School Programme, Khayalethu has instituted the Strong Foundations initiative. It provides a “bridge” for the boys, who have often missed out on vital learning, to re-enter formal schooling at an age-appropriate level: filling the gaps and allowing them to master the foundation skills needed to progress at school. 


The boys at Strong Foundations each have their own development plan. The programme encourages self-discipline, punctuality, neatness, personal hygiene, and communication skills; along with literacy, numeracy, computer skills, reading and comprehension, and creative arts. The boys in the programme also go on regular school outings and trips, receive weekly group counselling, and attend robotics classes.


Sport at Khayalethu

Khayalethu’s Sports Programme is comprehensive, and instrumental in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. The programme includes Karate, Swimming, Soccer, Cycling, and a host of competitive events. 


Oliver House

Oliver House was established to better prepare the young men of Khayalethu for the workplace and life outside Khayalethu. Boys, who have completed their formal schooling, move to separate, more self-sufficient lodgings, are taught essential life skills, gain further learning through apprenticeships and other training, and are guided and helped through the process of finding formal employment. The goal is to equip these young men to live independently and well while contributing positively to society.


Khayalethu is Home

Most importantly, Khayalethu provides the boys with the warmth of home. Elizabeth Place applauds the dedicated staff of Khayalethu for their patience, kindness and care. We are truly inspired by them. And will continue to support them in their endeavour to provide a safe place for the boys to grow and learn.

If you would like to join us in supporting Khayalethu, please contact Dr Marietjie van der Merwe by mail ( or telephone (041 484 5667). There are so many ways to help.