15 July – Gummi Worm Day


Gummi Worm Day - Elizabeth Place

It’s Gummi Worm Day! These yummy sweets were created by the German company Trolli in 1981.

Did you know that gummi worms were not the first gummis made? That’s right — another familiar sweet, the gummi bear, was invented about 60 years before the worm. This first gummi was created by Hans Riegel, the founder of Haribo. It was named because of its rubber-like texture. In fact, gummi means “rubber” in German.

These creepy, crawly treats now exist in a variety of flavours. Sweet or sour, the choice is yours! Grab a bag of your favourite gummi worms and celebrate Gummi Worm Day!

(Source: punchbowl.com)