6 April – International Pillow Fight Day


International Pillow Fight Day - Elizabeth Place

International Pillow Fight Day is a worldwide event held in many cities that takes place on the first Saturday in April. From Hong Kong to Vancouver to Dallas to London, pillows are getting fluffed and prepped to do soft battle on this day. It’s free, and families are encouraged to participate. In many cities, pillows and proceeds will go towards the homeless.

Did you know?
The largest pillow fight flash mob was the Worldwide Pillow Fight Day (or International Pillow Fight Day) that took place on March 22, 2008. Over 25 cities around the globe participated in the first “international flash mob,” which was the world’s largest flash mob to date.

Essential rules for pillow fighting are:

  • swing lightly
  • only use soft pillows
  • remove glasses before beginning
  • do not swing at people who don’t have a pillow
  • do not swing at people with cameras
  • bring a bag to help clean up after

Will you be pillow fighting today?