5 December – Ninja Day


Ninja Day - Elizabeth PlaceEspionage, Assassination, Guerrilla warfare, and sabotage, these are the skills of the ninja. Clad in their signature black, they appear from the depths of the night like a hawk on stolen wings, striking their quarry and disappearing again without leaving a trace. They are rumoured to be the masters of Kuji-Kiri, an eastern magical practice that made them capable of combining their natural ability to move like ghosts with supernatural powers.

Ninja Day is dedicated to remembering and honouring these ancient warriors of China and Japan.

How to celebrate Ninja Day

There are a thousand movies about Ninjas out there, and some of them are among the best pieces of cinema available in just about every genre. Start your celebration of Ninja Day by compiling a must-watch list and getting together with friends to watch.

To add to the madness of the Ninja history, dress up in the theatre traditional uniform and take to the streets, but turn it on its head. As a Modern Ninja, appear unexpectedly to do great acts of charity for the common man. Never forget that Ninja were oppressed hungry commoners before they were the most feared warriors in the world. Give back to their roots to truly honour them.

(Source: daysoftheyear.com)