6 August – Wiggle Your Toes Day


Wiggle Your Toes Day - Elizabeth Place

Wiggle Your Toes Day is an excellent opportunity to let your tootsies see the daylight and indulge in some public wiggling adventures.

With so many opportunities to let those ten little piggies get some action, Wiggle Your Toes Day means it’s time to plan something special to celebrate. Whether you chose to wiggle alone, or use the occasion as a chance to join with like-minded friends, family or colleagues in a glorious session of communal wiggling; no one can afford to let the day go by unmarked.

There are numerous ways to show your support for Wiggle Your Toes Day; sandals at the office are an obvious start (with some discreet toe flexing getting your digits limbered up for the rigours of later wiggling). Why not plan a group wiggle at a lake or beach? Simply dip those feet in the water and luxuriate in a fun-packed toe workout.

(Source: daysoftheyear.com)